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24. September 2022


My "First Feature"

After more than a year and a half of preparation, it's official: BECOMING ASTRONAUT, my first feature-length documentary, follows the new astronauts of the European Space Agency over several years of their demanding basic training. You can find the VARIETY article here.

Produced by Franziska Sonder of Ensemble Film and set to be directed by Roman Hodel, who made a splash with his 2020 short documentary “The Game,” “Becoming an Astronaut” will follow the astronauts, chosen by ESA after an exhaustive selection processes that included more than 22,500 applicants, over a four-year “nerve-wracking odyssey” to see who will be first to travel to space. Ensemble Film has gained unprecedented access to ESA for the project.


18. Februar, 2022


THE GAME is certainly no longer the youngest film in the night sky. Time to look back one last time and say THANK YOU!

A few years ago I kept asking myself: Do you really want to make a film about football? Are you sure? These doubts resulted in this film and I am very grateful for all that I have been able to experience since then.
This film has been screened at over 100 festivals around the world, a number I never expected. Unfortunately, I can't help but mention that this experience has been marred time and again by the pandemic.
However, the film would not have become what it is today without the trust of the protagonists and the incredible dedication of the crew.
THANK YOU Fedayi San!
Lukas Gut, Franziska Sonder, Rolf HellatOscar Parcival van Hoogevest, Ramón Königshausen, Lena Mäder, Salome Wüllner, Justin Stoneham, Eva Meyer
Square Eyes, Wouter Jansen, Ouat Media, SWISS FILMS

My next project takes me into space with ESA - European Space Agency. STAY TUNED XX Roman

1. Dezember, 2021

Z.DOK - A Case Study by Oscar Van Hoogevest and Roman Hodel 

Oscar (sound design) and I were invited by the Zurich University of the Arts to talk about our work. You can find the talk here.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-01-11 um 19.30.10.png

The award-winning short film THE GAME (DAS SPIEL) offers a detailed exploration of the sonic layers of a football stadium. The camera seems to be anchored in the ground, maintaining a distance from both protagonist and crowd. Whereas the sound transports us directly into the thick of the action.

Oscar van Hoogevest, sound designer and location sound mixer, and Roman Hodel, director, talk about their experiences gained in the working process and show in several examples how the acoustic perspectives were constructed. Of particular importance is the referee, who is at the centre of the film and to whom we get unusually close through the construction of these carefully nuanced aural surrounds.

1. Juli, 2021

Festival and Award news!

20. Mai, 2021

The New Yorker
DAS SPIEL is now officially part of THE NEW YORKER DOCUMENTARY line up! Finde the Article here.


5. Mai 2021


Football Inside & Das Spiel CH-Kinos Start

Unser Film läuft im Vorprogramm von Football inside. Kino in der nähe findest du hier.


7. Februar, 2020


GeilerAsDu - Venedig

New Musicclip for GaD!


2. Februar, 2021



Academy Awards and Swiss Film Award

The year 2021 gets off to an exciting start! "THE GAME" is on the longlist for the Academy Awards and nominated for the Swiss Film Award!

13. Dezember, 2020


Cairo Film Festival - Special Jury Award

I was in Cairo at the CIFF. My first festival since the premiere with a physical participation.

9. November, 2020


Zürcher Filmpreis - Bester Kurzfilm

What a week! Hier gehts zur Jurybegründung.

Das Spiel_2020_054.jpg
Logo def_Zürcher Filmpreis_Bester Film_w

8. November, 2020


Special Mention and two Awards

On Sunday "DAS SPIEL" received a Special Mention at the

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur as well as a award for the "Best Short Documentary" at the Sulmona International Film Festival and a special award for "Best Editing", also at the Sulmona Filmfestival.

Congratulations to our editor Rolf Hellat - well deserved!


14. Oktober, 2020


Dutch and Swiss Premier

Two wonderful festivals await us in November: IDFA and Kurzfilmtage Winterthur!

GIF SD_1.gif
Laurels 2020_Official Selection

11. Oktober, 2020


HIFF - Best Documentary Short

"The Game" won its first prize @ the Hamptons International Film Festival for best short documentary!!!

HIFF_Acceptance-Message_THE GAME_ProRes4